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DocX v1.0.0.7

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Released: Aug 14, 2009
Updated: Aug 25, 2009 by coffeycathal
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Application DocX v1.0.0.7
application, 127K, uploaded Aug 14, 2009 - 1702 downloads

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Documentation Documentation - DocX v1.0.0.7
documentation, 430K, uploaded Aug 14, 2009 - 2693 downloads
Example Advance - Invoice Example
example, 193K, uploaded Aug 14, 2009 - 6172 downloads

Release Notes


DocX version points of interest
  • It contains new features,
  • It has fixes for bugs found in previous versions,
  • Its now smaller, the previous version of DocX was 501k this version is 127k. This was acomplished by compressing all embedded resources and decompressing them on the fly as they are required.

New features

  • DocX.ReplaceText() has 2 new overloads which allow the inclusion of headers and or footers in the replace operation.
  • The Paragraph and Table classes have 4 new functions each, these allow more reliable insertions than using character indexes. These functions are listed below.
    1. InsertParagraphBeforeSelf()
    2. InsertParagraphAfterSelf()
    3. InsertTableBeforeSelf()
    4. InsertTableAfterSelf()
  • DocX.InsertDocument() This function allows you to insert one documents contents at the end of another document. Images and CustomProperties are copied from document b into document a, however headers and footers are not (This may need to be revived).
  • When you add a CustomProperty, all instances of that CustomProperty in the document are now updated correctly. Previous versions of DocX did not refresh instances that were in headers, footers or inside higher level containers such as TextBoxes.


This release includes an optional download of an advance example. This example attempts to demonstrate what DocX version is capable of creating. This download is a ziped Visual Studio 2008 solution called "Advance - Invoice Example" and it can be downloaded below. I have written a blog post about this example here.

Please note that this example is intended for an experienced user of DocX. A first time user may find this solution overwhelming. Over the next few days, I am going to create a video tutorial called "Getting started with DocX". This video will be targeted at the first time user of DocX.

Bugs fixed

  • Stream being closed by DocX.Save() Found and fixed by Jon Kruger
  • Formatting.FontFamily infinate loop Found and fixed by Jon Kruger
  • Paragraph.GetElementTextLength(XElement) including children of <tags> element Found and fixed by Jon Kruger
  • Table with no properties element causes an exception Found by Johan Laagland
  • Inserting an Image after Word 2007 causes an exception Found by Gaspar Pollano
  • IsSameFile() closing stream Found and fixed by trnilse
  • Custom Property not refreshing in headers, footers or higher level containers Found by Gaspar Pollano

Thank you to everyone who reported a bug. If you reported a bug and I have not given you credit above, I am sorry, please contact me and I will gladly add you.

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