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Doc cannot be edited in Word Online


I tested 2 documents in Word Online, the first one was the one created in the DocX tutorial video, and second one created using the new DocXCore port version. I transferred them to One Drive and opened them in Word Online . I can see the text when Word Online first loads in "View" mode. But when I select "Edit in Word Online" the document is blank - no text at all.

MORE DETAILS: From within Word Online if I select "Edit in Word" it loads in my local Word 2010 properly and I can edit and save without issue, all text is visible.

If I edit the "blank" doc in Word Online, for example if I add a line "This is a test" to the "blank" document and save it, when I then select "Edit in Word" it still shows the original text plus the new line: "This is a test". So the original text is still there, just not visible in Word Online.

I then created a doc in Word 2010 and transferred to One Drive and it loaded and edited normally in Word Online. No issues with that, only if I create it with DocX or DocXCore. I will install Office365 in the new few days to see how that reacts.

The "Version Requirements" for Word Online appear to be both .Doc and .DocX versions, there are no restrictions or exceptions I could find.

Comments or suggestions, anyone?


MadBoy wrote Mar 5 at 9:24 PM

I would suggest adding it to github. There are more people willing to work on this most likely. I doubt there's a problem with Office 365 "local" version as it's standard Office 2016 which I use daily and it works.