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Change default Bullet style

May 7, 2015 at 8:48 PM

First of all, Thank you for a great component. I want to use a '>' symbol instead of the default dotted bullet style. I looked into the Docx code and realised that it uses numbering.default_bullet_abstract.xml to define the multilevel bullets. I tried changing the xml (see the line below:<w:lvlText w:val=">"/>) and uploaded the new DLL:
<w:lvl w:ilvl="0" w:tplc="04090001">
      <w:start w:val="1"/>
      <w:numFmt w:val="bullet"/>
      __<w:lvlText w:val=">"/>__
      <w:lvlJc w:val="left"/>
        <w:ind w:left="360" w:hanging="360"/>
        __<w:rFonts w:ascii="Courier New" w:hAnsi="Courier New" w:cs="Courier New" w:hint="default"/>__
But it is giving me error: Method not found: 'Novacode.List Novacode.DocX.AddList(System.String, Int32, Novacode.ListItemType, System.Nullable`1<Int32>, Boolean)'.

Please suggest what am I doing wrong or if this is something not possible at all?