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Merging documents with footnotes

Dec 17, 2014 at 2:29 PM
Hi, I'm trying to merge two docs simply looping through the source document's paragraphs, and calling the InsertParagraphBeforeSelf method in a determined position of destination document. It's working!! Surely there's a better way (I just have seen the insertparagraphs method.... or maybe another way better...).
But the problem is when my source document has a foot note.
Looking into the paragraphs, there is not the footer text. Neither in footers property (I get: even: null, first: null, odd: null) and using my function, I get a document with no footer notes.
I've seen in another discussion that you use:
this one, works perfectly!!!
My question is:
is here a way to choose the "inserting point" in wich insert the source document?
is here an alternative and correct way to read and add the footer notes?

tnx so much in advance, Giovanni