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Document parsing

Jul 31, 2014 at 3:35 PM

First I would like to thank for creating such a wonderful library for Docx. Before this, I was using OOXML and other custom scripts to parse the docx file which takes lot much of time and energy and this is where Docx saved me. Besides this, I am having a small problem (may be due to my technical limitation of docx). I am parsing the docx file to read the content of the document. Till now I can successfully read all the text but I am unable to find whether the text is in a table or it is a normal text. Is there any way or property which can be used to identify this? Below is the code sample that I am using to get all the text:
DocX docx = DocX.Load("questions.docx");
foreach (Paragraph p in docx.Paragraphs)
    String text = p.Text; // here I need to know if this is a part if table or not. If it is in table, parse the table structure        
Can be this done?

Any help would appreciated.