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Image position on a page

Jan 29, 2013 at 3:38 PM

Hey, Could someone please help. My code is taking an existing word document, and I would like to insert an existing image in, for example, page 4. At the moment my code only takes the image and inserts it at the top of the first page. I cant find positioning parameters. Please assist.




My Code:


using (DocX document = DocX.Load(Server.MapPath("/images/charts/Template.docx")))             {                Novacode.Image image = document.AddImage((Server.MapPath("/images/charts/DailyAlarmChart.png")));                Picture picture = image.CreatePicture();                                //picture.Rotation = 10;                //picture.SetPictureShape(BasicShapes.cube);
                Paragraph title = document.InsertParagraph().Append("Report").FontSize(20).Font(new FontFamily("Verdana"));                title.Alignment =;
                // Insert a new Paragraph into the document.                Paragraph p1 = document.InsertParagraph();
                // Append content to the Paragraph                p1.AppendPicture(picture);                document.SaveAs(Server.MapPath("/images/charts/Report"+ DateTime.Now.ToString()+".docx"));            }